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8 Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare

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Blockchain can play a pivotal role in some of the most pressing issues in healthcare today, especially in terms of collaborative research, security, and transparency.

A New Way Of Looking At Identity

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Imagine a world where identity simply works. Imagine the end of phishing. The end of spam. The end of fake news. And the beginning of a new era for society built on an interconnecting web of trust. This is the true mission of decentralized identity and why it’s the single most important foundational element of blockchain future.

Why You, As A CIO, Can’t Afford To Ignore Blockchain

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Recently there’s been increased interest from enterprise and government in utilizing blockchain for increased security and transactional integrity. Peer-to-peer transfer of value, distributed processing, and immutable recordkeeping give blockchain the ability to enhance or replace existing transaction infrastructures in a wide range of industry verticals - with applications as payments, supply chain governance, identity, security, manufacturing, record keeping and much more making it a must watch technology for CIOs in practically any industry.

Blockchain Implementation: A Guide to Implementing Blockchain Technology in Your Business

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Bitcoin peaked just south of $20,000 USD in December of 2017. That rally alone drew new found enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies amongst the public. However, what’s even more exciting than cryptocurrencies, is the technology that enables them: blockchain.

What Is Blockchain Technology – A Primer on the Most Important Invention Since the internet

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Cryptocurrencies (digital money), like bitcoin, are now possible because of a new technological innovation called blockchain. Blockchain was invented by a person (or group of people) known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day the inventor of blockchain has remained anonymous.