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Blockchain ID

Blockchain ID:
Decentralized ID for Distributed Ledgers in the Enterprise

Date: 24 July 2018 — 1-4PM EST

Blockchain ID – Decentralized ID for Distributed Ledgers in the Enterprise is a half day, virtual conference delivering mission-critical intelligence for global technology leaders, whether from Fortune 500 corporations or Silicon Valley startups. Moderated by digital identity guru Moses Ma, we have gathered the world's top blockchain thought leaders, startup gurus, and enterprise/governmental decision makers and will orchestrate a deep dive into this complex and evolving technology that is sure to disrupt enterprise and government organizations in every single industry in the world.

Attendees will be able to engage with speakers live during this FREE half-day virtual conference and will have full access to post conference recordings and slides as well as part 2 of this virtual conference: Blockchain ID: Distributed ID & Cryptocurrencies to be announcd at a later date and exclusive discounts for future GSMI blockchain events.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in how blockchain is going to completely transform digital identity; how GDPR fits with decentralized ID; how privacy has to be managed in the future including:

  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Architects
  • Blockchain Leads
  • Those responsible for security and privacy in their organization

Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Out

  • Gain an understanding of Blockchain and Decentralization and where Identity fits
  • Understand core Blockchain Identity use cases in a variety of industry verticals
  • Know how standards will impact blockchain and identity

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Confirmed Speakers Include:


Moses Ma

Futurelab Consulting


Lyle Paczkowski



Christopher Allen

Blockchain Commons


Drummond Reed

Sovrin Foundation


Kim Hamilton Duffy

Learning Machine


Manu Sporny

DigitalBazaar and Veres.One


Dr. Jonathan Holt



Phil Windley

Sovrin Foundation


Alka Gupta

Global ID


Brian McSweeney



Rouven Heck



Dominic Williams



Joe Andrieu

Legendary Requirements

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13:00 EST — The Decentralized Future: The Next Big Thing is Here

Blockchain is set to disrupt virtually every aspect of how we transact and do business.  Learn what you need to know about the decentralized future, and how self-sovereign identity will be a key infrastructural component of the next Internet.

  • Overview of Blockchain and some common use cases
  • Where does identity fit into all of this and why is it important?
  • What do we mean when we say self-sovereign ID?


Moses Ma, Partner, Futurelab Consulting


Rouven Heck, Digital Identity/uPort Co-Founder and Project Lead, Consensys

Christopher Allen, Blockchain Security and Decentralized Identity Standards Architect and Advisor, Principal Architect and Executive Director, Blockchain Commons

14:00 EST — Decentralized Identifiers in Healthcare, Fintech, IoT

Identity is more than just an authentication - it has the potential to be a disruptive shift for business models in almost every industry. Delve deep into use cases and pilots for blockchain in Healthcare, Fintech, and IOT as we discuss the practical applications of blockchain based ID in the enterprise.

  • Where does blockchain fit in Healthcare and Fintech?
  • Carbon Based ID vs Silicon Based ID - why do we need an identity for things?
  • Common enterprise use cases for Blockchain based I


Moses Ma, Partner, Futurelab Consulting


Phil Windley, Enterprise Architect and Adjunct Professor, Brigham Young University, Chair, Sovrin Foundation

Dr. Jonathan Holt, Co-founder, Executive VP SeqTech Diagnostics, Founder, TranSendX

Lyle Paczkowski, Senior Technology Strategist, Sprint

15:00 EST — The DID and the DONTs: Decentralized ID 101

Decentralised ID has vast potential for disruption, but is also full of many pitfalls and perils for the uninitiated. This session will discuss what every technical leader needs to know about the "DID" – the forthcoming Decentralized ID W3C standard and what is required for successful implementation in a pilot of proof of concept.  

  • The vital role of standardization for Blockchain identity frameworks?
  • Overview of W3C Decentralized ID standard.
  • Tips for ramping up fast in this emerging arena.
  • Compliance with privacy laws and GDPR
  • Early Entrant Case Study: Verifiable educational credentials.


Moses Ma, Partner, Futurelab Consulting


Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer, Evernym,Trustee and Secretary, Sovrin Foundation

Kim Hamilton Duffy, CTO , Learning Machine

Joe Andrieu, Principal, Legendary Requirements

16:00 EST — Smarter Smart Contracts: Next Generation VMs, Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Reputation

This session is about the emerging verifiable credential standard that would power the revenue models and decentralized e-commerce for ID.

  • Overview of Blockchain based smart contracts and their role in Decentralized ID
  • Verifiable Credentials and Claims: e.g., Ratings and Reviews


Moses Ma, Partner, Futurelab Consulting


Brian McSweeney, Founder, Chlu

Rouven Heck, Digital Identity/uPort Co-Founder and Project Lead, Consensys

Alka Gupta, Co-Founder and President, Global ID

Manu Sporny, CEO, DigitalBazaar and Veres.One

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