Principal — Legendary Requirements

15:00 EST
The DID and the DONTs: Decentralized ID 101

I'm a requirements engineer. After over 25 years of professional software development and entrepreneurial adventures, I've turned my attention to resolving the biggest obstacle to successful projects: clear, responsive requirements.

With apologies to George Box, all requirements are wrong. Some are useful.

If the entire team isn't pulling in the same direction, you're wasting energy. Unfortunately, it can also be a waste of energy to develop extensive requirements specifications before starting work. Even worse, it is definitely a waste to rework and rework and rework because core requirements aren't being met.

Even the best requirements need to change. The marketplace. Technology. People. Resources. Changes in any of these areas can require dramatic changes to your project. The trick is managing those changes in the most fluid and cost-effective way possible.

I'm on a mission to better understand how to create, maintain, and apply truly responsive requirements.